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Dr. Cordie for US Senate - Banner Image

Meet Dr. Cordie Williams

Dr. Cordie Williams is a former United States Marine and has built a successful chiropractic business in San Diego County with his wife Dr. Tania Williams. Dr. Williams co-founded an organization as an expression of his desire to protect Californians’ right to make important decisions for themselves and their families due to the pandemic eroding freedom to make individual choices. Therefore, the time is now to elect leaders who have more faith in the citizenry than in government.

Cordie Williams will be challenging controversial appointed incumbent Alex Padilla in the June 2022 Open California Primary Election. Vice President Kamala Harris held the seat prior to the 2020 election.

“I spent years in the Marines fighting to make America free and to protect each of our lives from terrorism here and abroad. I am running for the US Senate because politicians like Alex Padilla are destroying the California Dream by turning it into an unrecognizable third world nation. In 1998, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. My oath did not end when I left the Marines.” -Dr. Cordie Williams 

Dr. Cordie Williams for US Senate in California

Upholding My Oath

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What an Oscar-Winning performance by Gavin Newsom and Alex Padilla. WATCH THE VIDEO

Reject Wannabe Career Politicians. Help Elect a Marine.

The Mission

Dr. Cordie Williams is dedicated to solving the most pressing problems in the Country he loves. Californians deserve to have elected leaders like Dr. Cordie who will provide solutions to the problems they face in everyday life. Visit the issues page to learn more about Dr. Cordie’s mission.

Dr. Cordie for US Senate - Banner Image

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