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An intro to bomb dropping with Dr. Cordie and KT. Dr Cordie and Krystal Tini dive into the challenges of life as Californians and what you can do to help. 


Dr. Cordie and Krystal use passion and solutions to further guide the movement to freedoms in our country. They discuss the challenges you may face and how to overcome them. Take the first step…the rest will follow. 


No subject is off limits in the 3rd episode of Unfettered Patriot with Krystal Tini and Dr. Cordie Williams. Bringing the heat this week with topics “you’re not supposed to discuss” including religion, spirituality, self care to inner healing, retaliation on the American People, plus more!

04. Unfettered Patriot | 02.27.21

KT and Dr. Cordie discuss the false positives of PCR testing and how our children are responding to the Fight or Flight scenarios that our Country has been plunged into. Don’t miss this episode!


MaskPac aka CPAC, have conservatives gone to the darkside? Gender neutral toys, is it a thing? White House censors Dr. Seuss!  DJT45 spoke 90 minutes at MaskPac hinted at a comeback and called out the RINOs. The push for 1619 project is dumbing down our kids and creating more cancel culture, but here, we still believe 1776 Forever Free


Highest court in the land is blowing off election fraud, America is at war with itself! Earl S, Vietnam Marine Veteran on the run for finding ripped up ballots. $1.9 Trillion tax payer funded ‘Covid’ bill, what’s in it? No one is sure, but they passed it. Is Nana Pelosi bailing out San Francisco? Chuck the Schmuck bails out New York on your dime! America if you do not stand up, you can remain seated forever with your face diaper on and blasting CNN.


Dr. Cordie delves into HR 5 the bill that will take down Christianity in the US. Americans need to wake up. Politicians are doing everything to keep racism and inequality alive and well. Social media is programming you and your children and there is nothing to stop them, social media has unfettered control over 2 billion people, no dictator or potentate has that kind of control 

08. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 03.27.21

POTUS cannot remember who is President. Special guest Matt Couch of DC Patriot joins Dr. Cordie to discuss Elder Abuse and the Commander in Chief of Stairforce 1. Curious minds ask: Did Harris butter the steps? How long can the charade go on?

09. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 04.03.21

Dr Cordie and KT talk on where morality (or lack there of) in America is headed. Satan’s Nikes? The story behind the bloody sneakers.

10. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 04.10.21

Dr. Cordie, KT and Todd cover March Madness and NBA dancing. What is the Green Passport and what does it mean for States? Do people in the USA legitimately support Socialism? What happened to personal choice?

11. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 04.17.21

Dr. Cordie and Super Todd speak with Allison on her outspoken stance on muzzles. Was Duante Wright a peace loving citizen killed by racist cops? Now is the time for freedom loving folks to stand up and speak truth to the lying narrative.

12. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 04.24.21

Dr Cordie and KT’s special guest Pastor Jurgen from awaken Church describes life in a communist country and parallels it to today in America.
KT delves into the realities of the “vaccine’s” side affects and how it’s affecting women.

13. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 05.01.21

Doctor Cordie and KT are talking about how much life has changed for everyone in only a year and and not for the better. PTSD appears to be on the rise.

14. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 05.08.21

Dr. Cordie and KT go over election fraud, cancer and the COVID shot.

15. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 05.15.21

Unfettered patriot is now an hour. Dr. Cordie and KT unpack the lies of masking, Rand Paul’s interrogation of Fauci and the Nuremberg Trial of 2021. Freedom is not free. Get onboard people

16. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 05.22.21

Dr. Cordie and KT cover the Sprouts lawsuits and the dropping mask requirements. Special guest Clay Clark from the Thrive Time Show. Unfettered Patriot is now an hour.

17. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 05.29.21

Dr. Cordie and KT discuss PCR testing and what to do if you’re being bullied to get the shot. This weeks special guest is Kick Cunningham from the AntiFragile Radio Program.

18. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 06.12.21

Dr. Cordie Williams and KT go over Pride Month and how Children are being sexualized and the attempts to normalize pedophilia. Is being Patriotic a bad thing? Special guest Pastor and Motivational Speaker Mark Burns. Second special guest Chris Sturgis

19. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 06.19.21

Dr. Cordie Williams reads a letter written by Mark Brnovich Attorney General of Arizona to the US Attorney General Merrick Garland pointing out that the US AG’s disdain for the AZ election fraud investigation will not be tolerated. Special guests Boris Epshteyn the political strategist for President Trump and freedom fighter and Brian Isley of “We the People OC”

20. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 06.26.21

Dr. Cordie discusses his big announcement he made in Florida and KT talks tells us Tini’s Top Ten Topics which includes provocative information on Governor Ron DeSantis

21. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 07.03.21

22. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 07.10.21

This week Dr. Cordie and KT go over Tini’s Top 5. What’s happening in GA’s election investigation? What is England’s Public Health ministry and the Red Cross saying about the jab? Special guest Dr. Tania Williams DC talks about health and getting well.

23. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 07.17.21

Dr. Cordie and KT are discussing government over reach. Will your text messages be fact checked? The latest in the Election Audit. Special guests, former Democrat Vernon Jones of GA and Sonny Borrelli of AZ.

24. Dr. Cordie and Krystal Tini's Unfettered Patriot | 07.24.21

25. Unfettered Patriot | 07.31.21

Dr. Cordie and KT discuss NY Governor’s thoughts on forcing the vaxx. Big Tech has created a shared data base for ‘counter terrorism’ aimed at The Right. Guest Lesley Russell explains the ease and benefits of Home Schooling. New Jersey Gym owner and Patriot Ian Smith discusses his road to standing up and standing out against government over reach.

26. Unfettered Patriot | 08.07.21

27. Unfettered Patriot | 08.14.21

28. Unfettered Patriot | 08.21.21

29. Dr. Cordie's Unfettered Patriot | 08.28.21

Guest host Morgan Kimbarow President of the Young Republicans and Cordie talk about billionaires made during the ‘pandemic’.

Guest Military Aviator and Music Artist Ryan Weaver joins Morgan and Cordie to talk about weapons left behind in Afghanistan. Special Guest; Host of Man in America, Seth Holehouse joins their conversation.

30. Dr. Cordie's Unfettered Patriot | 09.04.21

31. Unfettered Patriot | 09.11.21

32. Unfettered Patriot | 09.18.21

33. Unfettered Patriot | 09.25.21

34. Unfettered Patriot | 10.02.21

35. Unfettered Patriot | 10.09.21

Dr. Cordie pays tribute to two folks whom have passed away including his own father.

Co-host Shawn Farash joins Cordie from New York. Special guest Fog City Midge aka

Maggie VandenBerghe patriot out of Arizona. Cordie is then joined by Patriot Anthony Cabassa in Los Angeles from the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

It’s time to stand up or its time to do more than stand up? Don’t miss this show!

36. Unfettered Patriot | 10.16.21

37. Unfettered Patriot | 10.23.21

38. Unfettered Patriot | 10.30.21

39. Unfettered Patriot | 11.06.21

40. Unfettered Patriot | 11.13.21

41. Unfettered Patriot | 11.20.21

42. Unfettered Patriot | 11.27.21

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